Tips for Camping With Dogs

It can be difficult to leave the beloved family dog behind when embarking on a camping trip, yet not all dogs are good candidates for this activity. In deciding whether or not to take your pet along, first check the criteria below to see if he would enjoy it. If his temperament appears to be suitable for camping, make some preparations to be sure he is safe and happy throughout the trip. The information is provided by Mother Nature Network.

Is Your Dog a Good Candidate?

Ask yourself if your pet is easily excitable, highly vocal or dislikes being tied on a leash. If any of these sounds like him, it would be best not to bring him along. In addition, if he tends to wander or looks for opportunities to escape, he wouldn’t make a good companion for the trip.

Start Slowly to Help Your Dog Adjust

Before you make the trip, take your dog on nature hikes in your area to get him accustomed to wildlife and other people. Also, see how he responds to being tied up or crated while you are nearby. After a little practice, Rover may be ready for camping.


Check your destination campground to see if dogs are allowed. Make sure your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations, and apply tick and flea medication. Have a vet put a microchip in him, so you’ll be more likely to get him back if he becomes separated from you. Pack the following:

  • 6-foot walking leash
  • 10- to 20-foot leash for tying
  • Harness and collar
  • Food and water
  • Poop bags
  • First aid kit
  • Dog bed

During the trip, keep the dog hydrated and make sure he is supervised at all times. Also, keep him warm at night and make sure he doesn’t overexert. Aside from the usual tags on his collar, add a temporary tag with your cell number and campsite information.

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