Camping Is Good Outlet for Creativity

It’s amazing how creative people can be when they put their mind to it. Camping is an activity where you can let your imagination run wild, devising ingenious methods of preparing delectable foods over a campfire or contriving brilliant inventions that make it more comfortable.

You needn’t miss treats from your own kitchen, as you can use an empty orange peel to bake a dessert. Some of the most delicious concoctions are very simple, such as inserting chocolate chips inside a slit banana, which turns into a delicious indulgence after it is heated over the fire. Moreover, canned biscuits can be transformed into donuts when you poke a hole in their centers, fry them in a skillet and then sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar.

Likewise, people have figured out ways to rig up some of the conveniences of home. According to Camping World, you can make a lantern out of a jug of water or a miniature washing machine out of a bucket with a plunger. You can read these and other great ideas here:

People have also come up with innovative ways to bring things from home along on a camping trip. For example, empty Tic Tac containers can serve as storage containers for your spices. You can also make up pancake batter before you leave and store it in a squeeze bottle.

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Carbon Monoxide Safety

The RV lifestyle brings much joy to many people, but like everything else in life, it has some dangers. You occasionally hear news reports of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning causing fatalities in motorhomes. Just as you use CO detectors in your home to safeguard your family, you need to do the same in your RV to protect yourself and your loved ones. Part of the danger of this gas lies in the fact that it is odorless and colorless. provides these guidelines.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

  • Check the detector monthly to make sure it is working, and check the “replace by” date.
  • Don’t use the cooktop or propane oven for heating the RV.
  • Be careful to follow the installation and operating instructions for each appliance.
  • Place generators in a position where the exhaust is away from the RV.
  • Inspect generator and engine systems regularly.
  • Make sure your RV service technicians who work on your propane appliance are certified or master certified.

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Tips for Affordable RV Travel

If the idea of traveling in a traditional-sized motorhome makes you hesitate because of the loan payments involved in an RV purchase along with the cost of gas, more affordable options are available. The Seattle Times provides these tips that involve thinking outside the box.

A minivan conversion may be an appealing alternative, as the mileage is significantly better and the maneuverability is much easier than that of standard motorhomes. The conversion can be done through hiring a contractor or by doing the job yourself.

Another choice may be to rent a compact-sized camper van from JUCY Rentals. Off-season rates begin at $35 per day, while peak-season rates average close to $100 per day. A TV, sink, stove and small fridge are included.

Thinking creatively about your location can pay off as well. The publication reports on a couple who park their RV on a farm in exchange for a certain number of chores.

Become a member of a discount membership organization. It is worth the membership price if you travel full-time, since they can save you as much as 50 percent on RV sites at campgrounds across the country.

Plan to stay a longer length of time. Weekly rates are cheaper than nightly ones, and monthly rates provide even more savings.

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Take Advantage of RV Camping Shows

Throughout the year, RV camping extravaganzas are held in various places across the country. In the coming days shows will be held in Springfield, Massachusetts and in Charlotte, North Carolina as well as in a host of other cities. Keep an eye out for when these events come to a location near you, so you can take advantage of what they have to offer.

They showcase the latest and greatest in motorhomes to fit every budget. However, even if you are not in the market for a new one, attending these shows can still be wonderfully informative and fun. You can browse through gadgets and accessories that can make your camping experience more comfortable or convenient. Another nice aspect involves listening to renowned speakers that cover diverse topics, ranging from camping cooking to safety. An additional advantage is being able to schmooze with other campers, sharing stories and finding out what campgrounds they recommend.

You won’t want to miss these events. To find out where and when they will be in the coming year, research RV shows 2014 on Google.

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How to De-Winterize Your RV

Much of the country remains in the icy grip of winter, but spring will be making its welcome arrival soon. Just as you winterized your motorhome to protect your investment, you also need to de-winterize it once the frigid temperatures are past. Beckley’s Camping Center provides some tips and guidelines to keep in mind.

  • Remove covers from everything, including the furnace, refrigerator and vents.
  • Check to see if the tires are properly inflated.
  • If you removed the batteries, put them back in.
  • Examine the interior of your RV, looking for discolored places in the ceiling and paneling near vents and windows. Open the windows to air out your motorhome.
  • Check the sealant around the door and windows for cracks and dryness. Repair any problems so they won’t cause air leaks and drafts.
  • Check for insects and mice that have made your RV their home for the winter.
  • Check for gas leaks and propane leaks.
  • Inspect the exterior of your RV.
  • Make sure your fluid levels are good, and check under the hood and underneath your rig for cobwebs. See if the turn signals, headlights, brake lights and running lights work. Drive the rig around the block and listen for strange noises.
  • Get the plumbing ready for use. Flush it out by filling up the fresh water tank then turning on the water pump. Run every water faucet for a couple of minutes, one at a time. Run the shower and toilet, and open the gray water tank. Cut off the water pump, but run some more water through the system to make sure all the antifreeze gets out.
  • Sterilize your water tanks and plumbing.
  • See if the water heater is working properly.
  • Check the electrical appliances to see if they still work.

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Tips for Avoiding Bear Attacks

Encountering a bear while camping can present a very real danger. Jordan Bonte of Liberty Voice provides these tips that could save your life.

What to Do if You See a Bear

Stay calm. Either stand your ground or slowly back off in a diagonal manner. It’s important to remember not to run because this action could make the bear want to chase you.

Food Attracts Bears

Bears have a keen sense of smell, so store food in containers that are labeled “bear safe.” Food stored in a plastic bag will not be safe from a hungry bear. If a bear gets to your food, keep away from the animal until it walks away. Don’t approach the bear or try to provoke or anger it. Keep at least 100 feet away.

Avoid Bear Encounters

Don’t walk in wooded areas or go hiking at dawn or at dusk, as bears are more active during these times. In hiking during the day, it is best to do so in a group of three or more people, since most attacks occur when a person is alone or with only one other person. Bears protect and defend carcasses, so stay away from dead animals and report them to the ranger station or visitors’ center.

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How to Stay Warm in the RV During Winter Camping Trips

An unheated metal camper can get bone-chillingly cold in winter. Weather forecasts can occasionally be wrong, which can put campers in much colder temperatures that they expected. Pete Zimowsky of the Fresno Bee offers some tips for staying warm.

  • If you plan to use your furnace, check to see that your propane tank is filled before leaving home.
  • Your ideal option is to stay at a place where you can get a plug-in, such as a state park or RV park, so you can run a small electric heater all night.
  • Pick a campsite in the sun to have the advantage of solar heat during the day.
  • If possible, park in a spot out of the wind.
  • Close the drapes and blinds at night for added insulation.
  • Before heading out, make sure your camper’s water system has been winterized.
  • Choose a campground near a café. Taking your meals at a restaurant will permit you to warm up for a while.
  • Store water bottles inside the refrigerator, so they won’t freeze during the night.
  • Invest in a zero degree two-person sleeping bag.

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Snowbirds Winter in Florida, Texas and Other Points South

Destinations in Florida, Texas and other points south beckon snowbirds every winter, as the balmy climate permits an escape from snow, ice and frigid temperatures. Many of these visitors from the north choose to make their home away from home in an RV park.

When they lodge at campgrounds, snowbirds find that the stay offers more than a reprieve from unpleasant weather.  As regular guests who come every year, they share common interests with the other campers and form wonderful friendships. Activities like bingo, shuffleboard and line dancing offer many opportunities to socialize. In addition, depending on the activities offered by the campground, snowbirds often can learn new skills such as woodworking or glass crafts.

Camping resorts provide several options for those who choose to leave their homes for several months each year. Aside from standard sites for motorhomes, campgrounds offer the rental of park models, so it isn’t actually necessary for campers to have their own RV. For those seeking more rustic accommodations, spaces are available for tents.

With all the amenities campgrounds have and with the choices they offer, it is no wonder snowbirds flock to them every year to get away from Old Man Winter. A prolonged stay in these southern parks is a most enjoyable experience.

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America’s Newest National Park Getting Rave Reviews

America’s national parks, encompassing more than 84 million acres of scenery that encompass majestic mountains, sparkling waters and pristine forests, showcase the incredible diverse beauty of the country. If you haven’t visited Pinnacles, the newest national park, you are in for a treat, as it has much to offer.

Tucked away south of San Francisco, its dramatic landscape resembles a catalogue of natural wonders, including mountains with jagged spires, waterfalls, caves, shady woodlands and rolling hills. Characterized by a fantasyland of pinnacles, the unique vista was formed by a combination of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in centuries past. The impressive flora and fauna include live oaks and larkspur along with bobcats, white-throated swifts and yellow-billed magpies.

Gavin Emmons, a wildlife biologist who lives in the area, reports to the Washington Post that he enjoys hiking in winter because of the mild temperatures and exploring in spring because of the flowing streams and blooming wildflowers. He recommends dusk and dawn as being particularly gorgeous due to the colorful light reflected on the rocks and the greater likelihood of spotting wildlife.

As you walk along the trails, delights await you at each altitude, such as birds feasting on winter berries, moss draped trees and rocks adorned with jewel-colored lichens. With all the glories of nature on display, touring this park has been described as a spiritual experience.

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RV Camping Has Many Options

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association reports that 35 million people in the U.S. engage in RV camping. Perhaps some of the advantages that attract devotees to this activity are the affordability and freedom as well as flexibility and wide-ranging options involved.

Being able to come and go as you please is a big plus. Snowbirds can travel south to escape the bitter chill of winter, and southerners can go north to get a reprieve from the searing hot temperatures of summer.

Options available in RVing permit newcomers to try it out before making a major investment in a motorhome. The best way to test the waters to see if you like the lifestyle is to rent, as the cost of rentals runs between $30 and $300 per day.

Once you find that you enjoy camping, you can purchase an RV. Your selections vary form a $4,000 pop-up camper to a $1.5 million dollar luxurious motorhome.

Your choices in places to stay are manifold. The country has approximately 14,600 RV parks, with rates typically ranging from $15 to $50 per night. However, some campgrounds may charge only $10 per night or they may even be free.

Aside from choices in locations and rates, you also have choices in the type of campgrounds in which you lodge. Your selections vary from rustic facilities to resorts with many fine amenities.

It is no wonder RVing is growing in popularity. You can tailor the activity to your budget and tastes.

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